Arduino P10 Dot Matrix LED Display

Today we will discuss how to drive P10 display using Arduino to display text data on les’s. These
panels could be used to display any information like your sensor values or some text. You probably
have seen them on shops scrolling some text.

Things you need:

Arduino UNO
P10 driver Arduino shield
P10 display
5v wall adapter
There some other things like headers and cables which you need, for more details keep reading.



First, you need to solder female headers and 8*2 parallel connector on P10 Arduino shield. You
could also add other remaining components but they are not mandatory for what we are building
right now.

After soldering
everything it would look
something like this.







Now connect a parallel connector to from P10 display to P10 driver shield. Insert the shield into
Arduino. Now connect Arduino to your PC/laptop.
Also don’t forget to connect 5v power from the wall adapter to led panel.

Now we are done with hardware side, let move on to the software side.


Open Arduino software on your computer and go to manage the library.

Search for DMD2 and you install this library. I have also included the library zip if you want to add it

Now open examples and navigate to DMD2. You could use any DMD2 example but my favorite is
the scrolling alphabet which I will be using.

upload the sketch to your arduino and enjoy the display showing alphabets. Ofcourse you could
change the text by just changing the text you want to display. For that change this character array in
the code to whatever you want to display.
const char *MESSAGE = “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz“;

See how simple it was.


1. You might accidentally connect P10 display shield to data out of the led panel. There is an
arrow showing in which direction the data is following. You should connect the connector
nearer to the tail of the arrow.
2. You may also notice some LEDs flickering randomly. This is not a huge problem
as it is because of RF noise. It could be minimized by keeping the display far from RF/EF
3. If you are using weak adapter your led panel may not work correctly. Your power source
should be Atleast 2amps to ensure proper working.
4. Also, double check the voltage and make sure that pins of driver shield are inserted right
into Arduino.

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