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How To Make 12 Volt With 3.7 Volt Single Cell Battery:
You need.
1 x 3.7v battery (Lithium polymer,Lithium-ion,Nickel Metal Hydride or any battery with 3.7V)
1 x  3.7V 9V 5V 2A Adjustable Step Up 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Discharge Integrated Module
Now you can sold wires or make connection with respect to this circuit diagram/image.
On One side Battery Negative (BAT-) connect 3.7v battery Negative wire and on Other side Battery Positive (BAT+) connect battery positive wire.
in picture also mention charging wire of battery.
On Load point side you can connect Resistive load,Capacitive load or inductive load With point Output point (VOUT-) and Output point (VOUT+).
With micro USB Jack you can charge your 3.7v battery also you can use (In-)and(IN+) if you are using this product in any product making or project making.
input supply required 5v 1A to 2A or more any which available input Ampares not matter input voltage matter.
If voltage more then 5.5v then this circuit not work correctly If voltage lower then 4.5 then also this circuit not work correctly.
And on current side if you provide less then 0.5 Amp and 5v then this circuit work fine But charge Battery too much slow.
And if you provide you provide current more then 3 or 5 Amp and volt is 5v then this circuit charge battery in minimum time.
We recommend you to use 5v 2A charger.
Now let’s check Boost function of this circuit.
SMD Variable Mark in the image which can rotate Left and Write for increasing voltage 3.7v upto 12v or more.

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